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Cloudopt aims at keeping our global users away from the threats of phishing website and Trojan Virus, and helping solve the issues of phone fraud or advertising calls.

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Why choosing Cloudopt?

For most of users, visiting unsafe websites is the major cause for the access to Trojan Virus and compromised accounts. The majority of these attacks and fraud can be stopped from the outset by using Cloudopt.

Completely Free

We provide gratis service: you and your family members’ online shopping and banking business will be safeguarded regularly by Cloudopt. Meanwhile, any counsels or questions will be answered by our most professional customer service representatives 7x24.

Safeguard mechanism

Cloudopt departs from the “white-or-black” template. Whenever or wherever you are, the robots-based learning credit scoring technology will safeguard your online safety by blocking your visits to unsafe websites.

Blocking advertisements

Cloudopt can effectively reduce the amount of annoying advertisements from websites, malware and online tracking, etc. It can not only boost the speed of visiting websites, but help your personal computer be more power-saving, delivering the best browsing experience.


Global Cloudopt Protects


Cloud Reputation Assessment

Real-time blocking dangerous sites, protect you from fishing, malicious Web site threat.

Ultra-strong compatibility

Supporting almost all of the popular browsers.

Intercepting fraud phone

Effectively indentifying before the fraud phone and crank calls.

Powerful advertisements blocking

Powerful advertisements blocking and all types of malicious advertisements and trackers

We also provide specifically for enterprises, Internet cafes security, optimization and acceleration solutions.

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